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Owner, Lew Teich Custom Woodworking

Lew Teich has been professionally working with wood for more than 30 years and has been very fortunate to have had a constant flow of exciting, creative, unique projects. He grew up in suburban New Jersey & received a degree in broadcasting & filmmaking from Boston University. After brief careers as a TV film editor & an environmental educator, Lew moved to tiny Brookline, Vermont in the late 70’s. He quickly became immersed in the world of high end, energy conscious, passive solar homes while working for Sunrise Builders & Steve Moodie Construction, and hasn’t really strayed very far from his roots.

Along the journey, Lew married, raised 3 kids, got involved in volunteer, rural firefighting & emergency medicine, got divorced, moved from the West River Valley to Brattleboro, fell back in love, and became a sea kayak guide.

Lew Teich Custom Woodworking began by building custom built-ins and cabinets part time. A very fortuitous piece of fate brought Lew the Windham Hill Inn project which filled parts of the next 4 years and was featured in the Aug. ’99 issue of Architect/Builder Magazine. This experience helped the company to evolve towards renovating and remodeling older buildings & Lew’s been fortunate to have been entrusted with major renovation projects at some of the finest Inns in Southern Vermont. Lew and crew continue to combine both large and small residential and commercial projects, while still specializing in unique cabinetry & custom kitchens.